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By using any N3KZ repeater (the “repeater” or "repeaters"), you agree to the following:

  1. You have read, and agree to comply with, all rules, policies, and procedures herein, including elsewhere on this web site and any/all hyperlinks to other web sites.

  2. You agree to comply with all applicable local, state, federal, and international regulations related to use of the repeaters.

  3. You understand that there is no warranty, expressed or implied, regarding the availability of the repeaters, the performance of the repeaters, or your privilege or ability to utilize the repeaters. 

  4. You affirm that you have pre-paid no monies in order to obtain the privilege to use the repeaters, and that you are neither owed nor entitled to anything by or from the owner(s) and control operator(s) of the repeaters.

  5. By default, the repeaters referred to on this web site are made available to licensed amateur radio operators of Technician class or higher as a privilege, not a right.  You acknowledge that the equipment comprising the repeaters is personal property, not public property, and all laws applicable to private property apply. 

  6. FCC regulations, specifically 47 CFR §97.205(e), authorize limiting the use of repeaters to certain individuals.  You understand that the privilege to use the repeaters may be denied or revoked for any reason, or even for no reason.  There is no obligation by the control operator(s) or owner(s) to cite any rule or policy violation when denying or revoking this privilege.  If your privilege is revoked, you agree to immediately cease use of the repeaters, including those constructed or modified subsequent to revocation.  The revocation may also apply to other repeaters owned by, managed by, or otherwise under the control of, the owner(s) and/or control operator(s) .  Upon revocation, notice will be sent to the appropriate FCC regional and/or field office, and unless otherwise stated, will be permanent.

  7. There is no fee to use the repeaters by amateur radio operators holding a valid and current FCC-issued license of Technician class or higher and whose privilege to use the repeater(s) has not been denied or revoked.  For all others, the fee for unauthorized use is $10 per second of air time, payable by certified check or USPS money order within five business days of invoice.  A re-billing fee of $50, and interest of 18% APR, applies to all past-due balances, in addition to collection and legal fees.  These fees and associated terms are subject to adjustment from time to time.

  8. You acknowledge that we may, and/or currently do, record and store information originating from users of the repeaters as well as that obtained from the hardware comprising the repeaters or used to monitor the repeaters, and we may use that information for any legal purpose, including billing and enforcement.  This includes, but is not limited to, audio recordings, video recordings, transmitter signatures, equipment logs, and any/all other information obtained legally.

  9. Use of the text "N3KZ" on this web site and elsewhere is intended only as a reference to those repeaters which, as of the time of this writing and/or update, identify over-the-air with the FCC-issued callsign N3KZ.  Use of the text "N3KZ" does not imply that these terms of service, rules, policies, or regulations will be suspended, terminated, negated, superseded, or otherwise no longer in effect if or when the FCC callsign used to identify the stations comprising the repeaters is changed to a different FCC callsign. 

  10. These Terms of Use, and the policies and rules contained elsewhere on this web site, are subject to revision from time to time, and you agree to revisit the published information regularly to stay informed of updates and changes. 

  11. The contents of this web site are copyrighted works of the author(s) and may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without prior written consent.

If you disagree with any or all of these terms, or do not intend to abide by them,

your privilege to use any and all N3KZ repeaters is hereby denied.

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